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Zvládli by ste maturitný test z angličtiny z roku 2016?

Spravte si maturitný test z anglického jazyka (B2), ktorý dostali žiaci v roku 2016.

Zvládnete test B2 z angličtiny, ktorý v roku 2016 dostali maturanti?

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Článok pokračuje pod video reklamou
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Článok pokračuje pod video reklamou

Section I – LISTENING (20 points)

This section of the test has three parts. You will hear three recordings which you will listen to twice. While listening, answer the questions in the appropriate part of the test.

Part 1: An Interview with John Glenn, Astronaut and Senator (7 points)

You will hear an interview with John Glenn, who will talk about his involvement in space flights and public life. For the following statements 01 – 07, choose the correct answer (A), (B), (C) or (D). There is always only one correct answer.

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Now you have 2 minutes to read the tasks.

01 John Glenn described President Kennedy as a person.

  • (A) who lived a hectic life
  • (B) whose mind was inquisitive
  • (C) who owned space models
  • (D) whose library was enormous

02 John Glenn portrayed the rocket engineer Werner von Braun as a person.

  • (A) involved in political life
  • (B) focused on engineering and maths
  • (C) with much broader interests than engineering
  • (D) whose library was full of maths books

03 John Glenn advises young people to.

  • (A) specialize in one field
  • (B) achieve outstanding academic results
  • (C) focus on technical subjects
  • (D) have a wide academic background

04 Besides the area of nuclear weapons control, John Glenn, senator, was active in.

  • (A) economic and financial issues
  • (B) educational and environmental matters
  • (C) health and social issues
  • (D) law and legislation matters

05 John Glenn different personalities from historical, educational and public backgrounds.

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  • (A) wrote about
  • (B) researched
  • (C) looked up to
  • (D) quoted

06 John Glenn was forbidden to take items on board the spaceship.

  • (A) dangerous
  • (B) metal
  • (C) personal
  • (D) heavy

07 John Glenn disapproved of the movie The Right Stuff because of the.

  • (A) wrong interpretation of events
  • (B) high proportion of documentary features
  • (C) poor acting of some characters
  • (D) insufficient technical details

Part 2: Two Successful Women (6 points)

You will hear two women discussing their personal and professional lives – Nicky Morgan, who is a Member of Parliament, and Kim Ingleby, who is a personal trainer. For questions 08 – 13, decide whether the statements are true (A), false (B), or whether the information was not given (C).

Now you have 2 minutes to read the tasks.

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08 Nicky’s rented flat and her office in London are within walking distance of each other.

  • (A) true
  • (B) false
  • (C) not stated

09 As part of her professional work, Nicky communicates with people from the financial and health departments.

  • (A) true
  • (B) false
  • (C) not stated

10 In 2010, Nicky fell ill a couple of times because she was exhausted from her pre-election activities.

  • (A) true
  • (B) false
  • (C) not stated

11 Kim broadcasts fitness features on the radio.

  • (A) true
  • (B) false
  • (C) not stated

12 Kim was forced to stop training after being infected.

  • (A) true
  • (B) false
  • (C) not stated

13 Kim’s relaxation before competing does not exceed half an hour.

  • (A) true
  • (B) false
  • (C) not stated

Part 3: Funny Situations with Food (7 points)

You will hear a radio programme in which six funny situations with food will be described. Below, you can read summaries of this information numbered 14 – 20, which are in the wrong order. Indicate the order in which you hear the information by writing a number 1 – 6 next to the number that represents that information. Be careful, there is one extra summary – put X next to the number that represents extra information.

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Now you have 2 minutes to read the tasks.

  • 14 I was asked to observe. Number:
  • 15 I was almost unable to breathe. Number:
  • 16 I looked silly after eating. Number:
  • 17 I loathed the venue. Number:
  • 18 I switched ingredients. Number:
  • 19 I tasted the food with disgust. Number:
  • 20 I pretended the idea was mine. Number:

Section II – LANGUAGE IN USE (40 points)

This section of the test has three parts. To complete this section of the test, you will need approximately 45 minutes.

Part 1: Hit and Walk! (20 points)

For questions 21 – 40, read the text below. Decide which word or phrase (A), (B), (C) or (D) best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (00). Example: 00 – (C)

I recently wrote a book involving a 00 - (C) chaotic pub crawl around the major battlefields of the English Civil War. I won’t cheapen and belittle myself by naming the book in 21 to sell more copies, but it is 22 now in all good bookshops. I thought I’d tell you about my brush with death while researching the book. I was run 23 in possibly the lowest-speed road accident of all time.

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On that particular day I was very excited to 24 Newbury Berkshire, England (and it’ll be a long time before you hear somebody 25 that again), scene of some historically significant Civil War 26 back in the 1600s. Upon parking at the side of a busy road, I let Peter and his dog Dave (my sidekicks throughout my travels) 27 the car and watched them run into the nearest pub.

I stood and 28 my surroundings. This busy, built-up, traffic-choked area looked very little 29 a bloody battlefield now, but I was delighted to 30 a huge Civil War monument on the opposite side of the road. So delighted in fact, that I stepped straight out in front of the oncoming traffic without a useful thought in my head. The car that hit me didn’t stand a chance. Fortunately for me it 31 by a lady of advanced years at a speed approaching three miles per hour.

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I waved an apology to her for having the 32 to drive so slowly on a major highway. By the beeps coming from behind her, I guessed this appreciation 33.

I carried on across the road, aware the beeps were getting louder. The elderly lady had 34 her vehicle in the middle of the road and was walking towards me at an alarmingly slow pace. I called that I was OK, but she kept on coming. Finally she 35 me and looked me square in the face. “Oooh, sorry love, I thought you 36 Jean Muckridge’s boy! You’re not a Muckridge, are you?” “No,” I replied, aware that car doors were now opening and that a great many angry people were heading my way. Suddenly and 37, the area reminded me of the battlefield I’d originally been hoping for. “I’m really sorry 38 out like that. You really should go back to your car you know.”

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She waved my suggestion aside. “Well,” she said, “I 39 my life on you being a Muckridge.” I reassured her I wasn’t and she finally turned back towards her car. Then, just when I thought my 40 was over, she called over her shoulder, “All you Muckridges are stupid idiots. Stepping out like that! Pah.”

Adapted from Pascoe, Ch.: Hit & Walk. In: My Weekly, Sept. 23 – 29, 2014, p. 25

  • 00 (A) agently (B) neatly (C) slightly (D) softly
  • 21 (A) a trial (B) an attempt (C) an effect (D) a pilot
  • 22 (A) reachable (B) accessible (C) available (D) comprehensible
  • 23 (A) onto (B) across (C) down (D) through
  • 24 (A) be visiting (B) be being visited (C) be visited (D) have been visited
  • 25 (A) to say (B) say (C) having said (D) said
  • 26 (A) accidents (B) affairs (C) performances (D) events
  • 27 (A) off (B) along with (C) out of (D) from
  • 28 (A) surveyed (B) explored (C) investigated (D) mapped
  • 29 (A) than (B) as (C) such as (D) like
  • 30 (A) stare (B) gaze (C) spot (D) glance
  • 31 (A) was being driven (B) has driven (C) was driving (D) has been driven
  • 32 (A) view (B) foresight (C) prediction (D) deduction
  • 33 (A) hasn’t been shared (B) didn’t share (C) wasn’t shared (D) hasn’t shared
  • 34 (A) fled (B) deserted (C) abandoned (D) wasted
  • 35 (A) achieved (B) approached (C) addressed (D) reached
  • 36 (A) are (B) would be (C) were (D) should be
  • 37 (A) expectedly (B) unexpectedly (C) awaited (D) unawaited
  • 38 (A) for stepping (B) of stepping (C) for being stepped (D) of being stepped
  • 39 (A) could put (B) had put (C) would have put (D) should have put
  • 40 (A) ordeal (B) torture (C) threat (D) remorse

Part 2: A Tale of Four Cities (10 points)

For questions 41 – 50, read the text below. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (00).

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Example: 00 – French

In 1759, General Wolfe took the fort near the St Lawrence River from the 00 (France) in a battle that lasted just 15 minutes, losing his life but winning Quebec – and Canada – for Britain.

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